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Governance: Regency Owners Association

Within the Regency community, there is an overall Owners Association (OA) and two sub-associations for the condominiums -- Greenbrier I and Greenbrier II. The OA Board of Directors is elected from the community residents. Under its charter and bylaws, the OA Board provides governance for the entire community. Each Greenbrier sub-association Board is elected by condominium residents and also operates under separate but related sets of bylaws.

Several Committees, established by the Boards, provide guidance and oversight for different functional areas throughout the community. Annually, over 150 resident volunteers serve on these committees. All members of the community are encouraged to volunteer. Regularly scheduled meetings and activities of the Boards and committees are announced through the Regency website, a weekly email newsletter, and our Regency cable channel. Our quarterly full-color magazine, the Regency Review, reviews committee activities and recognizes service by our volunteers to the community. Currently, the committees include: 

  • Owners Association: Activities, Clubhouse Services, Communications, Covenants, Elections, Financial Advisory, Grounds and Facilities, Strategic Planning, Georgetown Homeowners
  • Greenbrier I – Finance, Grounds and Facilities
  • Greenbrier II – Finance, Grounds and Facilities
Here is what our resident volunteers have to say.
The benefits of volunteering on an OA Committee have been tremendous.” – J. Obie

“Not only have I learned information about Regency activities, but I have increased the number of people who have contributed to making my life more positive and meaningful.”  - T. Lawrence 

“It is especially important for new residents to become involved for new eyes and ideas are the life blood of any community.  Experience is helpful, but not necessary” - D. Young