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All Regency homeowners are assessed fees by the master asociation. In addition, homeowners are assessed fees depending on the type of home owned. Contact the Management Office to obtain a current list of resale fees and monthly assessment. 

Master Association Assessments: care and upkeep of the common areas and amenities such as the clubhouse, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness room, tennis and pickleball courts, amphitheater, ponds, dog park, cable (each home receives four HD set-top boxes), high-speed internet, walking trails throughout the community.  In addition to the Master Association Assessments, homeowners are assessed fees according to their home type.
  • Single Family Detached Home Assessments: trash and recycling removal.
  • Single Family Attached Home Assessments: replacement of roofs, gutters, downspouts, and driveways at the end of average life, landscaping services to maintain current landscape, irrigation start up and winterization, exterior power washing and painting (every six years), trash and recycling removal, and annual termite inspections. 
  • Greenbrier Condominium Assessments: maintenance and upkeep of all building general common areas and the surrounding grounds, water for each unit, and trash and recycling removal. 
‚ÄčNote that the Regency and Dominion Valley communities are managed by separate companies. Dominion Valley homeowners pay assessments to Dominion Valley Country Club (DVCC) and Regency homeowners pay assessments to Community Management Corporation (CMC). In the event that you own homes in both communities, you must pay separate assessments. 



Regency's Parking Policy includes the following guidelines:
  • Owners and tenants should use their garages and driveways for parking. Parking on the street should be temporary and is reserved for guests of residents only. 
  • Boats, trailers, campers, motor homes, commercial vehicles, and other identified vehicles may not be parked or stored in public view.


Regency's Meyers Park includes a fenced dog park, Pet waste disposal stations are located in the park and long the walking trails throughout the community. Regency's Pet Policy stipulates that all pets must be leashed or carried while in the common areas of the community. 


Moving In or Out

Moving vehicles must use the Regency Gatehouse located on Clubhouse Drive. New residents must notify the Gatehouse of date and time moving trucks and related vehicles will enter the community. The Bent Grass gate (back gate) is reserved for resident use only. 

If you are moving into the Greenbrier Condominiums, you must call the Management Office at the Clubhouse (571-261-3335) and reserve the elevator prior to moving. A refundable elevator deposit is also required. 


Estate Sales

Estate sales, which are intended to dispose of a substantial portion of one's property, are permitted in Regency. The owner or agent may place one sign on the lot on the day of the sale. The sign is not to exceed four square feet in size, and it must be removed promptly by the end of the day. No sale items may be placed outside of the home on the yard or driveway. The Management Office and the Guardhouse must be notified prior to the start of the estate sale.